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December, 2012 - AMBER Energy has created a portfolio management strategy for Philadelphia Business and Technology center including 80% confidence level budget, monthly strategic plans and budget variance reports.


October, 2013- AMBER Energy has now qualified more than 20 MWs of aggregated energy efficiency capacity for PJM's capacity auctions. In this brand-new energy market area, this proven experience is reason to trust your EE capacity to AMBER. Talk to us today!


November, 2013 - AMBER Energy has created a portfolio of new values for Veolia including indexed supply (reduced supply costs), lighting retrofits (reduced energy consumption), demand response with their generator (new revenue stream) and EE capacity revenue!


November, 2013 - AMBER Energy has set up, for AUS, a PLC Predictor service, is helping AUS with its PJM strategy and helping AUS set up its EE capacity strategy.


December, 2014 - AMBER Energy reduces supply costs as well as obtained additional revenue from Demand Response for Chancellor Health Care


August, 2015 - AMBER Energy working with Four Seasons in Baltimore to get EPAct tax refunds for over 300,000 square feet.






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