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The professionals at Amber Energy bring scores of years of energy management expertise to resolve your organization's energy management needs. Let us reduce your energy costs, lower your supply risks and find new value and revenue in your facility operations.

Skip Trimble

John "Skip" Trimble is an accomplished executive with over 30 years power marketing experience.  His main focus is on markets (supply, capacity, energy efficiency, demand response and RECs); modelling (Bayesian optimization, Peak Load Contribution forecasting, volatility, risk and portfolio management and budget variance anayses); and  innovative options (SRECs, capacity, etc.).  His background includes: rates, planning, operations, riak mangement, engineering and portfolio management.


His experience includes start-up companies (Cargill-Alliant LLC, Coastal Corporation, Statoil, SMECO and Castlebridge Energy Group) in which he served to strategize, develop business plans and implement wholesale and retail electric businesses.  The experience base that Skip offers includes: systems development, front-middle and back office development, operations, wholesale markets, regulatory testimony, retail markets, Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), capacity and energy markets, credit markets, risk management, generation optimization as well as the advance use of technology. He has testified before and for the Maryland PSC on de-regulation and portfolio management, is often quoted by the media and was awarded an EPRI Innovator’s award for using neural networks for real time pricing.  


Skip has an engineering degree, University of Massachusstes-Lowell, cum laude and an MBA from Lehigh University. 


AMBER has a cooperative "virtual team" that can be assembled efficiently and at "as needed" costs that cover:


Advanced Modelling (Bayesian Optimization, Monte Carlo Simulation and financial pro formae)

Demand Response

Peak Load Contribution

Interconnection Engineering

Integrated Systems - communications, sensors, metering and controls

Rates and Invoice Analyses

Generation (including solar, wind and fossil)

Fuel and Energy Supply

Portfolio Management

Risk Management

Renewable Energy Credits

EPA Certification

Lighting Retrofits

Energy Efficiency Capacity Market

PJM Expertise

Commission and Expert Testifying





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